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CineForum at MasterHome Residencia

“CineForum rises as an answer to the tendency assumed by many to preserve their opinions, trying not to show themselves inside the majority..."

Examination for access to the legal profession

Some of those future lawyers staying at MasterHome Residence, will be at that exam next Saturday. And during the preparation of the exam, Masterhome Residence has provided to them everything to get the most out of their working and resting time.

MIR students in MasterHome Residencia

In 2018 the following tests of the MIR will be performed and from MasterHome we make an offer to future resident doctors to share with us this experience of preparing this test in our facilities and in an unbeatable environment.


MasterHome Residencia Hosts again Architecture students from Minnesota University (USA)

ACCENT International Consortium for Academic Programs abroad relies once more on MasterHome Residencia to provide accommodation to Architecture students from Minnesota University who are now completing their postgraduate studies, developing activities related with emblematic Architecture and Engineering projects executed in Spain.