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Everybody knows that Spain is a country where Soccer is very popular. MasterHome Residencia is an accommodation where students from different places of Spain live, so it´s not difficult to imagine the lounge room full of followers of different soccer teams watching with excitement each soccer match.



At MasterHome Residence we have the immense luck of having residents from different points of Spain and the rest of the world, which is extremely enriching. And thanks to this variety of origins, we learn continually curiosities and customs from different provinces and cities of Spain that we thought we knew everything. And we can also know infinite things about other countries and cultures that do not come in the books of Geography and History.



Choose a Master in Madrid

It is so due that the offers of masters, MBAs, Doctorate, Program Executives…is huge. Choosing the best master in Madrid or a master that answers our expectations isn´t easy.


Students from IE Business School at MasterHome Residencia

The IE Business School is internationally recognized as one of the best business school in the world and several students from IE are living at MasterHome Residence.


The importance of a healthy diet for our residents


At MasterHome Residencia we give our resident´s diet the utmost importance. We look after their diet every day throughout the year.