Best academies for preparing MIR exam 2019 in Madrid

During the last year of graduate medical education med students will decide whether or not applying for MIR exam (Medical residency entrance exam) and they might ask themselves about the necessity to prepare MIR examination in a specialized academy. Specialists recommend taking prep courses because it´s essential for efficient studying and monitoring learning progress, having the right tools provided (course content adapted to the exam requirements, mock exams conducted on a periodic basis, personalized tutoring...)

The main academies in Madrid preparing future MIR exam applicants are GRUPO CTO, MIR ASTURIAS Y AMIR. Each of them with its own methodology offer different prep options;

  • While completing your 6 year medical degree (different dates available depending on the academy).
  • Once you finished your MD degree at university. Intensive (starting from June/July depending on the academy) and super intensive (starting from October) courses available.

These academies are located in different areas in Madrid and they are easily accessible from Masterhome Residencia which is perfectly communicated by public transport with the rest of the city and surroundings.

Every year many students decide to stay at MasterHome Residencia while they prepare MIR exam. At MasterHome Residencia they find a quiet atmosphere in order to get the maximum performance and rest, and we provide them with the necessary services to make their stay as comfortable and productive as possible.

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 14:45
Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 14:45