Choose a Master

Choosing the best master or a master that answers our expectations isn´t easy. It is so due that the offers of masters, MBAs, Doctorate, Program Executives…is huge, even in Spain as in foreign countries. That is why it could be helpful the 250 best master ranking of Spain created annually by the newspaper El Mundo, based on the 25 evaluation criteria (demand of the master, teaching staff, plan of studies, employment of their students, methodology and media used…).

Many of this masters are parted in Madrid and some MasterHome residents are being taught some of them and are quite satisfied with their choice.

We can remark some of them, depending on their study fields:

  • Law
  • Legal Enterprise practice – Centro de Estudios Garrigues
  • Corporate Legal Consultancy – Universidad Carlos III
  • Tax and Fiscal Law
  • Tax practice – Centro de Estudios Garrigues
  • Taxation and tax advice – CEF (Centro de Estudios Financieros)
  • International Law
  • European Union Law – Universidad Carlos III
  • International and Business Law – Universidad Pontificia Comillas
  • Artistic Legacy
  • Archival – Universidad Carlos III
  • Art market and Management of Related Enterprises – Universidad de Nebrija
  • Advertising and Public Relationships
  • Advertising management and Communication management – ESIC
  • Corporative communication, PPRR, Protocol and Events – ESERP
  • Human Resources
  • Management of Human Resources – EAE Business School
  • Human resources – Universidad Pontificia de Comillas
  • Logistics
  • Operations and Logistics managements – EAE Business School
  • Logistics and Economic management of Defense – Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Engineering
  • Industrial management – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Math engineering – Univeridad Complutense
  • Energy
  • Renewable energies and Markets – EOI
  • Renewable energies and Enviroment – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Finances
  • International Finance – IEB
  • Finances - CUNEF


In the following link you can check the full list

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