Living the MasterHome experience

MasterHome is a Residence aimed at students of Postgraduate, Masters, Opponents, Professionals and University, in which the good coexistence and facilitate the achievement of the objectives of all residents are one of our main values ​​as Student Residence. MasterHome has modern facilities and equipped with all the amenities so that our residents enjoy the highest quality accommodation, located in one of the best locations in Madrid (Centro Financiero de Azca).

Common areas such as MasterCafé, Meeting Lounge, but above all, our Study Rooms, have been created to facilitate the work in a pleasant atmosphere and concentration. During the last two years, students from Business Schools such as IE, EAE, CEF, ESNE, opposition students (State Lawyers, Registrars, ...), as well as postgraduate and Master's students have passed through our Residence like Universities Complutense, Autonoma, Politécnica, Comillas, Boston College and Georgetown University, among others. In all cases, we are proud to have helped achieve its goal for each of our residents.

To live the experience MasterHome is to live in a unique and modern location, well communicated, with a pleasant atmosphere, where the main thing is the coexistence and the study.

Living the MasterHome experience is living in a place where everything is prepared to help you achieve your goals as a student or professional.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 15:00
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 15:00